Wise Data Recovery 5.13 Crack + Serial Key Download

Imagine working on an important, 5000 word, report all night long which your boss has asked you to complete. Now you are almost done with the report, you spent hours on, and you call your boss to tell them that you are almost done and that you will bring a hard copy of it to the office the following day. Your boss agrees to that but he/she also asks you to email a softcopy of the file over to them.

As soon as you are done adding your final touches to the report, which you spent such as long time on, you are about to attach it to an email and send it, but instead of clicking the “attach” option you accidently click the “delete” option. There goes all your hard work! Your ten hours gone to complete waste because of one tiny accident! Your deadline is literally on top of your head and there is no report what will you do now?!

There is one way out from this catastrophic mess, the solution to all your problems, a tiny and trivial software that can recover any sort of deleted data, recover any file, any picture, any document, anything within seconds. The name of this efficient and life saving software is Wise Data Recovery 5.13 Crack.

Wise Data Recovery Crack + Serial Key Download

Software NameWise Data Recovery Crack
File NameWiseDataRecoveryCrack.exe
Total Size5.12MB
Latest VersionUpgrade Version
Minimum Software Version Required64-Bit and 32-Bit such as window XP, window 7, window 8, window 10
Updated OnMarch 19, 2020
Software PriceFree

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This fast and effective recovery tool, by the name of Wise Data Recovery 5.13 Crack can help you recover any data that was deleted unintentionally, within seconds and that too for the price of nothing. You can now recover files that were lost due to system crashes or any other reason easily, you will get your original file back as it was, without any sort of errors or harm to the file. You can make use of various scanning options such as a complete scan or a selected scan to regain your missing property. Keep on reading to find out more about Wise Data Recovery 5.13 Crack.


Documentation Retrieval

With this top of the line free retrieval software, users can recover text documents that they have accidentally deleted or if they are lots due to system failures. It can recover documentation files such as Microsoft word files as well as html notepad files.

Image Retrieval

If you are clumsy and accidentally lost any sort of important pictures or image files, then the Wise Data Recovery 5.13 Crack can help you get them back no matter what format they are in. Whether it is a JPG, PNG, or any other format, you can restore those image files in no time with the help of this extremely efficient and fast paced recovery system.

Restore E-mail Attachments

Not only does the Wise Data Recovery software help restore text documents and images but it can also help restore any attachments lost in any sort of process if your device crashes or anything. With the help of this simple tool you can recover it instantly.

Finds Missing Audio and Video Files

The Wise Data Recovery 5.13 Crack is fully functional when it comes to audio and video related data too, if there is a video clip that is extremely important and you have misplaced the file or it has been deleted from your system, you do not need to panic, because the best recovery system is available at your disposal.

Recovers Data from Removable Devices

It can perform all its restoration functions on removable devices too, it is not only limited to the system that the software is downloaded in, you can use it for any sort of device, if you have saved information or data on a floppy disk or a USB and it goes missing from there, you can retrieve it with the help of Wise Data Recovery 5.13 Crack.

Excellent Interface

Wise Data Recovery 5.13 Crack has been acknowledged for being extremely speedy at its job, unlike other tools it will not take up too much time to complete the command given to it.

Extremely User Friendly

You do not have to be technologically advanced in order to use this software, even with the slightest of knowledge about how to use it can get the job done, with a few simple clicks you will be able to retrieve all your missing data.

Free of Cost

Enable yourself to use all the many functions and features available through Wise Data Recovery 5.13 Crack for zero cost, you will not have to spend any money to use it.

Available in Many Languages

Wise Data Recovery 5.13 Crack Supports the data from numerous languages such as Chinese, English, Spanish, and many more.

Estimates Possible Recovery

Before you are able to recover the file, the software will display an analysis of what the possibility is to recover the file/ data that you are trying to recover.

Fast Data Scanning Mechanisms

With the help of the advanced algorithms used in this free recovery software, you can instantly recover missing, deleted, or formatted data.

New Features (What is new?)

  • Improved GUI
  • Improved and modified the internal performance
  • Minor issues have been resolved and minor bugs have been fixed
  • Automatic updates and upgrades

System Requirements

  • Available disk space of 4GB
  • Processing speed of 1GHz
  • Minimum of 2GB RAM
  • Supports Microsoft Windows 7,8.1, and 10

How to Crack?

Step 1)

Click the downloadable link of Wise Data Recovery 5.13 Crack

Step 2)

Extract the folder and run the file

Step 3)

Proceed with the installation of Wise Data Recovery 5.13 Crack

Step 4)

Go to the crack file of Wise Data Recovery 5.13 Crack and press on the “Activation” button, after that the software will be available to your use


Can I download Wise Data Recovery 5.13 Crack for free?

Yes, the cracked version of this software is completely free.

What does Wise Data Recovery 5.13 Crack do?

It will help retrieve deleted, missing, and formatted files/ data that you require.

What sort of image formatting does it support?

The Wise Data Recovery 5.13 Crack version supports all types of image formatting, it will retrieve images in the JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF formats.

Which files text document files can I retrieve by using Wise Data Recovery 5.13 Crack?

With this software you can restore all sorts of text files such as, excel files, word files, txt files, and more.

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