Wise Care 365 Pro 5.4.8 Crack + Activation Key 2020 [Latest]

Wise Care 365 Pro Crack:Do you feel your devices is cluttered with random files all the time? Many of us keep on saving files and forget to delete the old files which are of no use. This build up of unnecessary files causes our devices to function slow. The process of decluttering the computer manually can take up a lot of our time, the though of decluttering it self makes us lazy. Today, there is automated solution for everything including file managers and decluttering software for devices which keeps our devices clean all the time. The best part about these software’s is that it optimizes the functionality of our devices.

Wise Care 365 Pro Crack Download

Software NameWise Care 365 Pro Crack
File NameWiseCare365ProCrack.exe
Total Size5.28MB,2.93MB
Latest VersionUpgrade Version
Minimum Software Version Required64-Bit and 32-Bit such as window XP, window 7, window 8, window 10
Updated OnMarch 19, 2020
Software PriceFree

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Wise Care 365 Pro 5.4.8 is a proficient software that is multifunctional because it keeps our device need and optimizes the functionality of it. If you feel your computer is working poorly download this device and see the magic unfold in front of your eyes as it will boost your computer’s operating system in just one click. It provides the users with free trails as well as contains file backups in case a necessary file is lost.  This software has a user-friendly inference which makes it simple to use.


  • Organize the PC by eliminating junk files

The Wise Care 365 Pro 5.4.8 helps the user to organize their PC by eliminating all the junk files that have accumulated the free space. After the space is cleaned the functionality of the computer is enhanced.

  • Secure PC functions by clearing excess files

This software also detects any suspicious activities and deletes the random files. This process helps in securing the PC from any virus attacks that the PC was prone to otherwise.

  • Allows user to overview their PC in seconds

As the space in PC is optimized the user gets an overview of the PC which helps the user in detecting any random files or finding useful information.

  • Automated shut down

If a person forgets to shut the PC down accidently, this software will detect that and shut the PC automatically saving the battery from draining.

  • One click PC boost

If you feel that your PC is working slow and is hanging a lot, you can simply just click on one button named as boost and the functionality of your PC will skyrocket.

  • Assist in making a user aware of hard functioning

This software also scans for any hardware unknown activities which may be damaging the system, this way the user gets to know about the problem in advancing which is fixed without further damage.

  • Helps in erasing the search history

Our PC contains a lot of confidential things, in case, you are lending your PC to some one you can simply erase all the history before handing over the PC.

  • Auto shutdown in case of virus

In case, you have clicked on a random link with virus, this software will detect it immediately and shut down you PC so that virus does not spread.

  • Defragment the windows

This helps to clean all the junk file and defragment the windows so that you PC stays in good condition for longer and does not break down out of the blue.

  • Alter the default programs

The default programs in the PC are all changed and altered.

  • Enhance memory by cleaning the space

When all the unused and inappropriate files are deleted from the PC it automatically runs faster and memory is enhanced.

  • Hide private and important files

All the confidential data can be hidden through a feature provided by the software only the person who has hidden the file will be able to retrieve the data.

  • Disable private software

Any private software that is accessed by the person using the PC will be disabled as it exposes the PC to harmful viruses. You will be notified once and then the link will be blocked by the software automatically.


  • Confidential PC operations

The operations in the PC and be made confidential with added features to ensure extra safety against data mishandling.

  • Drain files with particular extension overall

Particular extensions which are not good for the PC will be mitigated as the software protects the PC against all the potential threats automatically.

  • Disk eraser disables the third party to access deleted files

The deleted files are erased from the system automatically to protect the data being mishandled by a third party.

  • Mitigates invalid shortcuts

Short cuts that are invalid and are of no use are deleted automatically to free and declutter the space.


For a system to support the download of the software following systems should be present in the PC:

  • Windows XP, 7, 8.1 and 10 support the download of this software. Windows otherwise will not support the download.
  • 233MHz CPU or advanced is required for this software.
  • The RAM should be 128 MBs or higher in this case.
  • 50 MB should be free in HDD, so that the download process is smooth.
  • Internet is required to download and activate the software.


The process of installation is fairly simple, the steps are mentioned below:

  • Click on the free trail version by visiting on the official website.
  • After that run the application by clicking on then indicated button.
  • An activation button will pop up click on that to activate the software.
  • Run the file source which is cracked and wait for a few minutes.
  • The free version will be activated in some time.


what are the steps to install Wise care 365 pro 5.4.8 crack?

The steps for proficient download are mentioned above, users can read the steps carefully to gain assistance.

How to use the software?

The process to use the software is easy and self-explanatory, once the software is downloaded users will get to know the process instantly.

How do we use this software for free?

There is a free trail and a free version available for the download users can use activation keys provided on the internet to avail the free version.

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