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Windows 10 Product Key Crack: Combining the features of windows 7 and windows 8, windows 10 provides the best Microsoft operating system. This software is famous for its ability to provide the most innovative features which not only makes your system look attractive but also secures your computer against any virus and damages.

Windows 10 has as many as 400 million users and was introduced on July 29, 2015 with many new features which was not available before. To obtain Windows 10 you need a digital license. This is basically an activation method that allows you to activate windows without using a product key. This digital key is also known as digital entitlement in windows 10.

If you have a digital license key then open activation in settings and clicking on change product key to enter a windows 10 product key.

There are different product keys for different editions of windows 10 which are:

Windows 10 enterprise:

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Windows 10 pro:


Windows 10 Home:


Windows 10 technical preview:


Windows 10 pro for work stations:


These product keys are needed so that repeated reminders to provide a valid activation key does not show up on your computer. Some of the features of windows 10 might now work without an activation key. The app store will not support the software and it will be difficult to download apps from there. The automatic update for windows will not work either. Microsoft Virtual assistant will also not work without a product key including many other important features of windows 10.


Cortana from Windows 8.1

Cortana is a search panel that appears on the task bar and can also be activated by using voice command such as “hey Cortana”. It is basically an assistant which is borrowed from the windows 8.1 phones. Through this assistant you can easily search through your computer and even on the internet for weather etc.

Windows store

An updated version of windows store is available with improved apps and a bigger app library.

Virtual Desktop

This feature allows you to have more than one desktops on your computer.

Start menu

The start menu has been inculcated by Microsoft in windows 10 again at the bottom left of the screen. This was done as the removal of start menu in windows 8 led to much confusion and dislike by many people. By clicking on the start menu you can acquire 2 tabs and then search through the various apps etc.


As you can open more than one desktops in windows 10 you can now multitask and be more productive.

Control Panel

You can now manage all your apps at one place through the windows 10 instead of opening them separately which was done in previous versions.

Added feature of Action Center

The action center allows all the notifications or alerts to be present at one place instead of the side bar that used to show in windows 8.

Easier to switch between modes

This feature notices when a keyboard and mouse are attached to your computer. If they are not attached a notification ill pop up on the screen.

New Feature of Windows 10 Product key

  • Improved timeline enables you to pick up from where you left off
  • You can share various files such as videos, pictures etc. immediately from the new windows 10 through a Bluetooth connection.
  • It includes a digital pen which allows you to draw, doodle and even do your signatures.
  • It blocks notifications of any type while you are focusing on doing something important
  • It helps you to connect to Xbox which is a pretty popular feature
  • Virtual desktops are included in this software
  • It is more user friendly
  • It is easily accessible
  • The setting panel is redesigned
  • It also connects with iOS and Android devices

System Requirements for Windows 10 Product Key

  • It needs a display of 800 x 600
  • 16 GB hard disk space for 32 bit OS
  • 20 GB for 64 bit OS
  • 1 GB space is required for 32 bit
  • 2 GB space is required for 64 bit
  • Direct x 9 graphic card is required

How to Install and crack Windows 10 Product Key

  • Go to settings and choose windows key + I
  • Open update and security
  • Click on activation present on the left bar
  • Then click on change product key
  • Enter a valid product key
  • Your windows 10 is now activated

To enter the product key follow the following steps:

  • Open the run tab
  • Change product key dialogue will appear
  • Enter the new product key for windows 10
  • Press ok
  • Windows will be activated

If you do not have a product key then you can go to the store and open a page for the different versions of windows 10 installed on your computer. You can buy a product key from here which is suitable for your version.


Q1. How to find windows 10 product key?

Ans: press the windows key on your keyboard plus x which will open a command prompt. This will show the product activation key.

Q2. How to transfer Windows 10 Pro Pack key to another computer?

ans: Open settings. Then open update and security, activation and troubleshooter. Now sign in with the same Microsoft account that you used to purchase the pro pack. A digital license for windows 10 pro pack will be found after the troubleshooting is complete. Then click activate windows. The wizard on the screen must be followed next to complete the process.

Q3. What is the price for windows 10?

Ans: you need a digital license for your purchase of the windows 10. The home version is for $120 while the pro version is available for $200.

Q4. What is windows 10 product key generator?

Ans: the product key generator is used to activate windows 10 and is applicable to different editions such as pro, enterprise and home etc. it is available for both 32 bit and 64 bit.

Q5. How to disable Windows 10?

Ans: simply go to your settings and follow the steps. Click computer configuration and administrative templates, windows components, windows updates. Then double click configure automatic updates and click ok.

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