Truecaller Premium 10.58.6 Cracked APK 2020 (Latest Version)

Are you annoyed by calls from unknown numbers? Imagine having a software which would inform you about the caller’s name whenever you get an unknown call. Truecaller app has brought its users a safe platform for calling and texting. Spam messages and spam calls can be easily identified by the Truecaller app.

Truecaller is one of the trending apps which is available on Google Play Store, you can easily install it in your android phone and start getting names of the unknown callers who had rung you while you were busy. Your personal contacts are not uploaded anywhere.

Users are also given the option to make Truecaller as their default calling and texting app. This app detects and blocks spam messages and spam calls which are for advertising. Truecaller users enjoy a safe experience while calling and texting their personal contacts.

Truecaller Premium Cracked APK 2020

Total Size 2.9MB,2.9MB
Latest Version Upgrade Version
Minimum Software Version Required 64-Bit and 32-Bit such as window XP, window 7, window 8, window 10
Updated On March 19, 2020
Software Price Free


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Truecaller Premium comes with many features for its users such as call recording, flash messaging, an ad-free experience and many others too. With Truecaller premium, callers can record as many calls as they like. The application lets users to make the app its default SMS app and block all annoying spam SMS.

This application lets its users enjoy a better communication platform than ever. Truecaller premium comes with a price but we have got your back and we bring you Truecaller premium 10.58.6 cracked apk. With a size of 23 mbs, this apk can make your calling experience much better than what you have today. By installing this apk on your phone you can enjoy all the premium features. Installing needs some simple steps and then you are good to go.



  • You can invite your friends and family by sending them an invite message.

Calling and texting

  • You can call or text anyone directly by the app.


  • By the caller ID identification feature, you can easily identify any unknown calls which are coming from someone who is not in your contacts.


  • The amazing blocking feature allows the users to block annoying callers and spam text senders.


  • Users can send stickers in text messages by using this app.

Large Database

  • By using the large database Truecaller helps users to get the identity of every possible number out there.

Record calls

  • This feature lets the users record as many calls as they like. Call records are found in cloud storage.

Searching for unknown numbers

  • By the help of the large database of Truecaller, users can search for any number of any country except for those who don’t have Truecaller service.

Multiple Language

  • Users can enjoy this app in their own mother tongue or any other available language they choose. English is set as default language in the app.

Default calling and texting app

  • Users can make Truecaller their default app for texting and calling. By doing this they get to use both the features in a single application. It also saves time.

Online Status

  • Truecaller will be able to tell if your friend or family member is online. If they are online their status will be updated as online.

Flash Messaging

  • Location can be easily shared through the flash messaging feature of Truecaller. Users can also share stickers and status with their friends and family.

Automatically Block Spam Messages

  • Truecaller automatically blocks spam messages which are from telemarketing agencies. Truecaller makes sure that your rest is not disturbed by annoying spam messages.

Backup and sync

  • Call history, messages, all contacts and Truecaller settings can be backed up on Google drive. Users should use this backup feature because anytime any incident can happen or even replacement of device can take place so there must be backup available at any time.

Social Media Connections

  • This app is connected to different social media applications. Also, you can tweet someone directly through the app.


  • You can easily view the names and numbers of those who visit your profile. You can also blacklist a visitor.

What’s New

  • Speed is improved. App loading and call history will be accessed faster than usual.
  • SMS Inbox is updated.
  • Bugs are fixed now which were slowing down the performance of the app.
  • Some advanced features are added, while some are updated.
  • New features are added for close contacts.
  • Efficiency and speed are improved for chatting.
  • Customer Service Support is enhanced. Now you can get help from the experts whenever there is any issue regarding the app.

System Requirements

  • A device which has Android Version minimum 4.1
    iOS, Blackberry, Symbian
  • Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 and 8
  • Mac Plus Windows


  1. First of all the download the file directly from the link given on our page
  2. Install the apk file and wait until the installation process
  3. Hooray! You have now installed the cracked apk. You can now enjoy the premium version.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

  1. How Truecaller works?

Answer: The app asks the users for permission to access their contacts. Then Truecaller uploads the data to the company’s servers. Thus data collected from millions of users is then transferred to Truecaller’s database.

  1. What does Truecaller last seen mean?
    Answer: The last seen means that at this particular time this person was last active on the Truecaller App. This can also mean that the person was on a call because Truecaller opens itself when there is an incoming call.
  2. Can Truecaller identify a private number?
    Answer: No, it is not possible. Unfortunately, Truecaller is unable to identify a hidden number or private number.
  3. Will Truecaller work without the internet?
    Answer: Truecaller requires an internet connection to work properly(3g or WiFi). It uses its online database. SMS and calls will still work but the identification feature wouldn’t work unless the device is connected to the internet.
  4. Are Truecaller calls free?
    Answer: Calls made through the Truecaller app are the same as calling through the Phone app. It is not free. The identification feature of Truecaller works free.
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