EmEditor Professional 18.3.2 Crack+Registration Key [32/64 Bit]

EmEditor Professional 18.3.2 is a fast and reliable text editor that is useful for many governmental organizations, educational institutions, corporations and many more. EmEditor Professional Crack is developed by Emurasoft and has won a total of twenty four awards including the best application award and Shareware award. It has also gained recognition and certification from Microsoft as a text editor for Windows 10.

It is very light weight and does not interrupt the performance of your system as it does not take too much memory space. Due to its fast speed it supports extensive and macros Unicode files. It supports large files of 2GB, 20 GB AND 200 GB and more.

EmEditor Professional Crack Download

Software NameEmEditor Professional Crack
File NameEmEditorProfessionalCrack.exe
Total Size2.9MB,
Latest VersionUpgrade Version
Minimum Software Version Required64-Bit and 32-Bit such as window XP, window 7, window 8, window 10
Updated OnMarch 18, 2020
Software PriceFree

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The large file controller helps you to open a specific portion of the record for e.g. if you want to view only the last part of the record. EmEditor can be utilized for both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows. However, 64 bit Windows can support large files 16% to 74% faster than 32 bit Windows.

This large text file viewer also allows you to open files such as TSV, CSV and user defined separator files that would otherwise not be accessible by word processor. Many punctuation and editing programs are also available inside the software. EmEditor registration key is able to read different scripts such as Perl Script, Java Script, VBS script, Python, PHP etc.


Text Editor

  • The marker feature allows you to highlight and pin point the keywords in your text.
  • You can also check the layout and outline of your text on the Online Feature that is present in the software.
  • Word count feature is available to check the number of words in your text along with spell check which points out any spelling mistakes in the text.
  • A special feature called the Word Complete Plug in allows you to complete you work automatically.

EmEditor as a server

Through this feature you can open large text files and also search for a key term in the text.

Administrator for Data Base

  • Opening large files is no more an issue as EmEditor Professional 18.3.2 allows you to access these heavy files in no time and also has a quick launch system.
  • It can also combine these files or split them
  • The identical order or formats in the text can be deleted through the Delete Duplicate Lines Feature
  • EmEditor key allows you to open files such as DSV, CSV and TSV.
  • Bookmark text with the Bookmark feature so that it is easy to go back to the text you are looking for.

Designer for HTML

  • HTML tags can be added using EmEditor such as tags for heading, paragraphs, hyperlinks etc. using built in snippet plug in. These plug insalso allows you to use the keyboard shortcuts.
  • Button on toolbar on the HTML bar enables you to modify your document
  • EmEditor codes HTML tags quickly through its Zen coding facility.
  • Correct HTML tag nesting is ensured.


  • Plug ins are formed according to your own needs
  • Narrowing feature allows you to protect a specific part of your text
  • Different definitions and functions used within a document can be viewed using the Project Plug in.
  • You can change names in your document by using the feature of Multiple Selection Editing Tool
  • You can also use External tools to access tools such as compile
  • Auto Marker feature is available which helps you to identify and highlight the same string as the function you are using.

New Features of EmEditor Professional 18.3.2 Crack

  • It is user friendly
  • Reads different scripts such as java script and more
  • Registry allows you to import data files
  • Does not take too much memory
  • Backup is created for all the files
  • CSV features are improved
  • Bugs are fixed
  • Data files are analyzed using the various features on toolbar
  • 64 bit and 34 bit files are supported
  • Selective editing is enabled
  • Documents can be combined or split
  • Customization is provided

System Requirements for EmEditor Professional 18.3.2

  • Windows edition 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 64 Bit are supported
  • Processor of 2 GHz is required
  • Pentium IV CPU supported
  • Free space in disk of 1GB
  • RAM of 2 GB is required
  • Dual Core

How to install or Crack EmEditor Professional 18.3.2 crack

  • Download EmEaditor
  • Wait for to setup to complete
  • Run the program
  • Extract read me file from the downloaded file
  • Registion key and name are to be copied from here
  • Paste it in the file
  • Reboot the system
  • You can now benefit from the EmEditor


Q1. What are the disadvantages of Emeditor 18.3.2 if there are any?

Ans: There are not many disadvantages of the software as it is very successful and is used by many organizations. However, the software may be difficult to understand because of its technical interface.

 Q2. How to uninstall EmEditor?

Ans: To uninstall EmEditor go to add or remove program in your computer and select the EmEditor. Then click the delete button.

Q3. How to downgrade the software?

Ans: To downgrade from the professional version to free version go to the Quick Launch Window by pressing Ctrl plus Q. Then click the downgrade command in the window. Your EmEditor is now downgraded.

Q4. What is the Vertical Editing feature used for?

Ans: This feature is used when you want to add the same text in more than one line. This is one of the most useful tools found in EmEditor. For this feature to work make sure that you select the fixed pitch font. Also the No Wrap feature should be used as wrapped lines will edit more than one place in the text which can result in confusion.

Q5. How to use filter in EmEditor Professional 18.3.2 crack?

Ans: To use the filter press Ctrl plus shift plus D. this will set the focus on the filter bar. The filter bar consists of features such as match case, escape sequence, filtering the word options, incremental search and many more.


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